Tia Starr Foundation - Giving Caring Sharing - Pay It Forward

Tia Starr Foundation – Giving Caring Sharing – Pay It Forward


Tia Starr Foundation advocates for victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, homelessness outreach and resources, special needs children, youth and teen empowerment.

The Tia Starr Foundation also support women in business, entrepreneurs, small business development, independent artist and labels.



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THE TIA STARR FOUNDATION –  Domestic Violence Resources

Our goal is to provide resources and pathways to safe, secure shelter for victims of domestic violence.

We want to help protect you and your children from violence.

Although the demands for shelters are increasing we are consistently, working to campaign for resources to provided more shelters for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.



THE TIA STARR FOUNDATION –  Homeless Outreach ProgramHomeless Outreach - Tia Starr Foundation

Our goal is is to provide resources and support to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and in need of immediate  assistance.